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Little Warriors

1 out of 4 kids report being a victim of bullying

of children in grades 4 - 12 have been bullied by other students at least once

of youth have witness bullying at school

Kids Activities in Flushing, Michigan, Genesee County

Children have a spirit that is unmatched by others. We work with your child to learn confidence, focus, discipline and find their personal power. Children gain life-changing confidence, respect and discipline that lead to better grades in school and better behavior at home. This class will help teach your child the basic fundamentals of social and emotional skills while having fun!

Our students gain the tools to function at a high level, both socially and educationally. The self-confidence, self-discipline, focus and leadership skills they develop prepare them to be great leaders and last a lifetime. 

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How old does my child have to be to begin?

Children can begin our Little Warrior's program at age 4. Students must be able to be follow basic directions, be in school and parents are required to stay, and sometimes participate! Children develop at different rates, so the Little Warriors program gets them introduced to the basics of martial arts as well as social and emotional skills for their natural growth.

Will Martial Arts make my child overly aggressive?

No. It's quite the opposite. Children are exposed to large amounts of simulated and real violence on video games, television and other media. Our unique program teaches students real, practical and effective conflict resolution techniques that can diffuse the situation before escalating to violence. Our main focus is keeping students safe, and combat bullying in every day life.

Does my child need experience to start?

No. There is no experience need to start for any student wanting to learn. One of the best parts of our program is that every student is treated as an individual and will progress at their own rate. Each student's progress isn't measured against other students, but rather their own previous performance.

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