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(i). Kyu 2

Requirements for Kyu 2 Brown Belt


UFAF Advanced Form 2


Spinning heel kick

Any combination called for

Strikes & Kicks (See Bottom)

Questions & Answers

What year did Master Funakoshi die?

What are your goals after black belt?

What are the disciplines we draw from in this dojo?

*Kyu 8 & Above:

  • Must follow up with counter attack

  • De-escalation techniques from "What are you looking at?" and non-verbal aggression

  • Demonstrate escaping safely


2 Person grabs

Weapons defense and offense

Knowledge of and proficiency in combat and ranges

(Kyu 4 & Above: Must show threat level one responses to attacks)


Any combination asked


  • Inside Ridge Hand

  • Outside Ridge Hand

  • Uppercut

  • Half Punch

  • Vertical Spear Hand

  • Horizontal Spear Hand

  • Vertical Elbow Strike

  • Horizontal Elbow Strike

  • Three Zone Strike

  • Finger-eye rake

  • Thumb Strike

  • Palm-heel Strike

  • Tiger Claw

  • Center Punch

  • Back Fist

  • Cupped Hands to the Ears

  • Knife Hand Chop


  • Front Kick

  • Side Kick

  • Round Kick

  • Inside Crescent

  • Outside Crescent

  • Jumping Front Kick

  • Fake Jumping Front Kick

  • Hook Kick

  • Knee strike

  • Double Round Kick

  • Leg Sweep

  • Back Kick

  • Ax Kick

  • Spining Heel Kick

  • Spinning Side Kick

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