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(e). Kyu 6

Requirements for Kyu 6 Blue Belt


Heian Yodan


Hook kick with back fist

Fake jump spinning inside

crescent with back fist

Move across floor with alternating kicks

Front leg sweeps

Street defensive posture with fence

Strikes & Kicks (See Bottom)

Questions & Answers

Why do we bow at the begin and end of class?

Why is it important to come to class regularly?

When and where do we use the techniques we learn in class?

What does the name of our dojo mean?

What is your interpretation of "escaping safely?"

*Kyu 8 & Above:

  • Must follow up with counter attack

  • De-escalation techniques from "What are you looking at?" and non-verbal aggression

  • Demonstrate escaping safely


Head lock from behind and side

De-escalation with appropriate use of force


Any combination asked


  • Inside Ridge Hand

  • Outside Ridge Hand

  • Uppercut

  • Half Punch

  • Vertical Spear Hand

  • Horizontal Spear Hand

  • Vertical Elbow Strike

  • Horizontal Elbow Strike

  • Three Zone Strike

  • Finger-eye rake

  • Thumb Strike

  • Palm-heel Strike

  • Tiger Claw

  • Center Punch

  • Back Fist

  • Cupped Hands to the Ears

  • Knife Hand Chop


  • Front Kick

  • Side Kick

  • Round Kick

  • Inside Crescent

  • Outside Crescent

  • Jumping Front Kick

  • Fake Jumping Front Kick

  • Hook Kick

  • Knee strike

  • Double Round Kick

  • Leg Sweep

  • Back Kick

  • Ax Kick

  • Spining Heel Kick

  • Spinning Side Kick

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