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(a). Kyu 10

Requirements for Kyu 10 Yellow Belt


Taikyoku Shodan


Striking exercise (See Bottom)

All blocks, both sides

Back kick, lunging in and fading away with fence

Jumping front kick

Slide up front kick, round kick, front leg and base leg

Street defensive posture with fence

Questions & Answers

What is the name of your dojo?

What style of karate do we study?

What is rule number one at the dojo?


Avoid the grab

Street defensive posture with a fence

Using your voice


Perry/Pass and strike of choice

Block and kick

Drawing back


  • Inside Ridge Hand

  • Outside Ridge Hand

  • Uppercut

  • Half Punch

  • Vertical Spear Hand

  • Horizontal Spear Hand

  • Vertical Elbow Strike

  • Horizontal Elbow Strike

  • Three Zone Strike

  • Finger-eye rake

  • Thumb Strike

  • Palm-heel Strike

  • Tiger Claw

  • Center Punch

  • Back Fist


  • Front Kick

  • Side Kick

  • Round Kick

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